At Pit Bull Collections, we offer dedicated service to every client and debtor. Below is a list of the services we provide:

Debtor locator

Pit Bull Collections employs a number of tools to help you locate debtors. We are linked to the same database that is used by law enforcement and the FBI. We can find almost anyone in a matter of seconds and even obtain their date of birth, social security number and other vital information that helps us to locate the debtor.  In order to collect effectively, skip-tracing are always necessary.

Skip Tracing

Debt can only be collected if the debtor is located. Pit Bull Collections has access to the most cutting edge resources available in the industry today. All debt obtained is analyzed and cross-referenced to verify accuracy. 


We have a vast property management list of clients located in the Kent County  area and throughout the Michigan for whom we recover past due rent and damage claims. 

Skip Tracing/Location Services Nation Wide.

Collection Services available in Michigan ONlY. 


  • Skip Tracing Services
  • Skip to Locate:                 $19.95
  • Extensive Skip Trace:       $49.95
  • Collection  Services:         30%
  • Document Preparation for Garnishment Filings:   $35
  • Employer Garnishments/Bank Levy/Property Seizure​
  • Other Services - Call for Pricing

All fees are based on net collections made on your behalf. Pit Bull Collections charges the same percentage-based fee of 30% no matter how old the account is or how much is owed.

​​      Bilingual in Spanish/English


Legal Processing

Pit Bull Collections provides civil court processing services through arrangements we have with various attorneys’ offices. The process includes obtaining a judgment and judgment collections. Certain advance fees may be required. 

Client Service Secure Web Portal

Pit Bull Collections is dedicated to getting clients the information they need, when they need it and in the format they require. Through our secure online client access, established clients have the access to the following:

• Account Inquiries
• Account Placements
• Secure Communications
• Payment Reporting
• Custom Reports
• Real Time Statistics


Pit Bull Collections